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Leah Fairman, Author at Providence Women's Health Care
7 Safe Ways to Exercise During Pregnancy

7 Safe Ways to Exercise During Pregnancy

Should You Exercise During Pregnancy? To workout or or not to workout? That is the question. The thought of exercise during pregnancy can make you may feel a little skeptical about the idea but, working out is an important part of staying healthy, as well as having a healthy pregnancy. If working out is a staple for you, chances are you’ll want to continue with keeping fit during pregnancy in order to maintain an existing level of fitness. You can! An uncomplicated pregnancy should not eliminate your sweat sessions. On the other hand, if you have pregnancy conditions, contact your ob­gyn for the okay to workout. If you’re a beginner at exercise, start sensibly with a mild daily 20­ to 30 minute program which consists of walking at a normal pace a day three days a week. Just walking? Walking is the most natural and safest form of exercise. “Probably the best exercise for a pregnant woman is walking, an excellent way to tone muscles, get fresh air, keep your body regular, and help you sleep soundly at night. But remember: never push yourself to the point of exhaustion. It’s much better to take several short, pleasant walks spaced throughout the day rather than one long, tiring trek.” ­ – Guide for Expectant Parents Consistency is better You don’t need to set aside a large space of time for effective results. A consistent routine of 20­30 minutes three times a week is all you need. Easy peazy During pregnancy your heart is working more and your lung capacity decreases. Which mean you will have a harder time catching your breath. It is important that your heart rate doesn’t exceed 140...
First Signs of Pregnancy

First Signs of Pregnancy

Identifying the Signs of Pregnancy Besides intuition or family members and friends noticing changes in your body and sense of being, there are physical signs of pregnancy that will let you know if you are indeed with child. During pregnancy, therein lies a myriad of hormonal changes taking place causing all sorts of changes, from physical, mental to emotional. Here, we will let you in on some of the most common signs after the first few weeks of conception. As we know, every twenty days (for many of us) we expect a visit from our monthly friend or nemesis. Most often, women tend to go along for weeks taking no notice to the physical signs that are happening within the first few weeks of conception. Prior to a missed period, hormones have gone through many changes which show in physical changes within the body. Nausea, also known as morning sickness can hit either day or night and can begin as early as three weeks after conception. Morning sickness can be experienced with or without vomiting while often associated with a high sensitivity to smells, some of which may not have been a bother to you. You may find yourself using the restroom more often due to increased urination. While these same hormonal changes are causing your digestive system to slow down, this can lead to constipation. Early on you may notice breasts are tender, swollen, sensitive or sore. Or, quite possibly your breasts may feel fuller and heavier. Have you been turned ­off by foods you once loved? Sometimes the mere thought of eating certain foods makes you ill. Or perhaps, you may have a craving for certain foods, alterations...
5 Minute Workout Routine for Women (Any Shape or Size)

5 Minute Workout Routine for Women (Any Shape or Size)

One of the major reasons that workout routines for women typically fail is they simply don’t have the time.  The truth is, they really do.  It only seems that just five minutes is giving up so much from a hectic schedule. If you are one of these people, consider this….how long does it take you to make your coffee or oatmeal in the morning?  What about tv time, reading the paper or even scrolling through your phone during “down time”?  These are the moments where a simple and quick workout can come into play to help you reach your physical goals and guess what….you may not even break a sweat. If you are serious about making changes to your physique or you have a few health goals that you want to achieve, the road to helping your vision come to past can be overwhelming and daunting.  So, start small.  Take baby steps and begin with short, simple exercises and increase the length and intensity when your current workout brings ease. Here is a short, but dynamic, total body workout to get you started. Unsure about where to begin?  Consult your physician first, before beginning any exercise plan.  If you are in the Atlanta area and looking for advice in women’s health, contact the Obstetrics and Gynecology team at Providence Women’s Healthcare.  Add this to your playlist of workout routines for...
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