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admin, Author at Providence Women's Health Care
6 Healthy Tips for Women

6 Healthy Tips for Women

Great healthy tips for women that really work are sometimes hard to come by.  Just recently, an article was published on Health.com that talks about 6 habits that healthy women share.  You’re probably thinking, here we are again with starving ourselves to death with healthy foods that just don’t taste good.  What may surprise you is more than half of these healthy tips for women don’t involve food at all, and most of them are simple tweaks  or adjustments you can create into habits.  Read on to find out what the author suggests as simple measures to be healthy without the guilty relationships we typically have with food. They put themselves first. This is no mistake.  Yes, ladies, it is time to put yourself first, but there is a healthy way to do so without the guilt of neglecting others.  David Katz, MD, president of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and author of Disease Proof, says that women don’t approach attending to their own needs and will only take the leftovers.  He suggests that time for yourself should be the very last thing that comes off your schedule.  Consult your OB/GYN doctor to find out how not taking action for yourself could hinder other functions in the body. Fat doesn’t scare them. We are living in a society that is truly afraid to eat.  With all of the information at the fingertips regarding food consumption, it is surprising that we actually eat anything.  If you are worried about eating fats, remember that it is not fat that is detrimental to your health, rather the type of fat consumed...
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