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OB GYN in Atlanta, GA

Personalized Women’s Health Care

At Providence Women’s Healthcare, we are committed to serving the North Atlanta area by providing our patients with the highest level of quality healthcare throughout all stages of their life. Our team of top Obstetrics and Gynecologists, nurses and staff handle every patient with the utmost respect, surrounding them in a serene environment that incorporates state of the art equipment with the latest medical advances and technologies in each of our locations; Dunwoody, Johns Creek and Roswell.  We believe that healthcare should be a partnership between the patient and the provider. This integrated approach to medicine empowers the patient to assist in designing their healthcare journey.


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We Specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology in North Atlanta

Expert Gynecologists in Atlanta

When it comes to premium quality health care you can trust,  Providence OB/GYN provides patients with a partnership where we devise health care for women by listening to your needs and desires.  Our helpful and friendly staff are trained to ensure that you receive care in a clean and comfortable environment. When you partner with Providence Women’s Healthcare, you will gain access to leading-edge diagnostic and treatment options, broad-based care, and a team that will help navigate your journey beginning with your reproductive years through the challenges of advanced aging.   Our proven expertise allows us to not only have privileges at top hospitals in the area performing standard gynecological surgeries, but we are also able to offer you minimally invasive and in-office procedures at our offices as part of our extended service offerings, with top gynecologists in Atlanta areas.   Read more on gynecological care services...

Gynecological Care


All About You
Obstetrical Care


You and Your Baby

Atlanta Obstetric Care

From plans to conceive, through delivery and postpartum recovery, we will provide you with superior care and an enhanced support system, guiding you through this exciting transition. We encourage you to take an active role in your prenatal care and delivery planning.  Whether you are looking for a traditional approach to the birthing process or a more holistic natural alternative, like water birth, with MIDWIFERY CARE, we are here to make sure you have everything you need, to make this time in your life a memorable one. We are proud to be able to introduce to you, the newest offering in Prenatal care-CenteringPregnancy®. Facilitated by our devoted midwives, this innovative prenatal model includes your regular health check-ups, as well as additional time, to learn and share in an interactive environment. It is a way for you and your partner to experience pregnancy along with other pregnant women and their partners. Come join the movement and learn more CenteringPregnancy®.  Read more on obstetrics here…..

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Midwife Service in Atlanta

Midwifery Care – A Holistic, Natural Alternative for You and Your Baby

Midwives are providers that specialize in holistic women’s healthcare and are experts in natural birth and water birth. The goal of midwifery led care is to support women and their families through every step of their pregnancy and birthing journey. Midwives promote natural alternatives to traditional medicine by focusing not only on the physical being of the woman, but the mental, emotional and spiritual side of her embodiment.

A midwive’s desire is to educate expectant parents about pregnancy, labor, and birth choices and then support them in making informed decisions about their individualized care plan. This model of care leads to a more empowering experience for the mom-to-be, as well as her support system. Whether you are seeking a natural birth, epidural birth, VBAC, or water birth, our midwives are here to assist you in making and meeting your personal goals, supporting you every step of the way. Read more about our midwife service in Atlanta…..

  • Vaginal Delivery Success Rate 88%
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Success Rate 85%
  • Happy Patient Feedback 90%
OB GYN, Midwives

I’ve had 2 positive birth experiences with the staff of PWH.  The front office is friendly.  The midwives offered me exceptional care for my last pregnancy and delivery!  Nuria and Anna always took the time to discuss my care and answer my questions.  I have been a patient of this office since 2010.

I will continue to come here for future needs.  I felt very cared for and enjoyed my visits.  I was never kept waiting a long time and usually out of the office within an hour of my appointments.  The office is very clean, too.  When I was at the hospital during recovery, Nuria and Dr. Dunson-Allen came by to check on me and say hello.  Overall, just a very positive, comfortable vibe here!

Christen B.

This group is wonderful. If you are looking for less interventions, and a less-pushy OB, this is your place to go. I actually left my OB group at Piedmont for them at 25 weeks, and was really pleased I did. The midwives are amazing (Nuria and Anna), I almost delivered with Nuria, but then her shift ended when I was 7.5cm, so I delivered with Beverly from Nile (another great group of midwives, and the two groups cross cover each other some), and my experience was wonderful.

My perfect baby girl was born naturally at NFH in May! I am actually back as a patient now for my second pregnancy, due in August, and look forward to getting to know the super sweet Midwife, Natalie, who is new there. You can’t go wrong with these ladies. Additionally, I have found the front desk and nursing staff to be really responsive and kind. They call me back and help me so much faster than my Piedmont group ever did. Maryellen

OB GYN Atlanta, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Whether you are looking for Obstetrics care, Gynecology care, in need of a midwifery services or simply in need of feminine care, our OB GYN Atlanta locations have been strategically selected to bring optimal care closer to you. Visit us at any location.

“The Talk” with Teens – Colleen Gardner

This is part 2 of Mom, Dad..We need to Talk! An in depth talk with Colleen Gardner about teens. In this discussion we navigate through discussing the choices that teens make that can have an impact on their entire life. Either watch the video or read below. Part 1 of this discussion can be found by clicking here, in case you missed it. Leah: Good morning! We are here with another Tuesday Talk. Thank you for joining us with Colleen. This is Part Two of Mom, Dad We Need to Talk. If you missed part one just go back and look for it on our Facebook post or go to our website and look for rendition one. Today we’re going talk with Colleen again, but we’re going to talk to the teens, okay. This is going to be a very great talk. Colleen is going to go deep now okay. So, you’re going to want to listen, take notes, share it with your following and go ahead and join in on the conversation because we want to hear from you too. So, we’ll begin with Colleen. Colleen: So, here we are ready today Leah? Leah: Yes Colleen: We’re going to talk further. Okay, now that your child’s in middle school and high school, where do we need to go with the talk beyond puberty? They’ve now gotten their periods. The boys are getting their beards growing and what-not. So, how do we continue the conversation? It’s hard because what is it that you want your teen to know? Why does it seem to be difficult for us to have... read more

Pre-Teen Sex Talk with Colleen Gardner

Mom, Dad…We Need to Talk!….is the theme for this Tuesday Talk by Colleen Gardner.  Colleen gives a straight talk about what you can expect as a parent and she gives a great guideline to navigate this talk with your pre-teen.  You can watch the video, or, if you’re a reader read below: Leah:  Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! Welcome to another rendition of Tuesday Talk. This week’s topic, we are talking with Colleen Chase Gardner, we are going to talk about “Mom and Dad: We Need to Talk”. It’s about navigating ‘the talk’ with your preteen and your teen. Now this is a two-part segment.This week we are addressing the preteens and then our next Tuesday Talk, which is a month from now, we want you to join us then too. We’ll  be addressing how to navigate that conversation with your teenagers. Now this is going to be good. So, what I want you to do is, I invite you to share this. Go ahead and click on that little share button and share it with your family and friends, your following because they may need this information as well. So, we’re going to get started with Colleen and we’re gonna navigate through this very important talk. Alright Colleen, thank you for doing this talk with us. Colleen:  This is my first live talk so, looking forward to it being with you and then being with you again in March. Today’s talk though is really going to be more about how to get the puberty talk going with your 8, 9, 10, 11 year old son or daughter.... read more

How Mindfulness Benefits Pregnancy and Overall Health

Hear Natalie Whitworth, CNM talk about the many benefits of practicing mindfulness to help with an easier, stress and worry free pregnancy term. Mindfulness is a technique that is free of charge and requires you to be present and breathe. Watch the video or read the transcript below: Leah: Good morning everyone, this is Lea with Providence women’s healthcare. Thank you for joining us on our first Tuesday talk. We are with Natalie, Whitworth, and we’re going to be talking about mindfulness. So you know I’m going to ask Natalie a series of questions, and I want you to engage. This is engaging thing so go ahead and ask your questions if you have questions, and we will get started. Leah: So Natalie, thank you so much for taking out time. Can you give us a little background about yourself, and how you became certified nurse midwife. Natalie: Oh sure, I am from, Georgia, and I’m really passionate about our community here and making women’s health care more accessible and really coming at it from a team-based holistic model. I did want to talk about mindfulness it’s really been just so impactful in my life, and I feel like it’s really the basis for wellness and how we start making our own lives better as women? I became a nurse midwife because I like that model of prevention based medicine and just kind of really coming alongside somebody having a conversation finding what works for them and approaching it not from a what’s wrong with your body, but how to get you where you need to be? Leah: That’s... read more
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